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Stambul 65 Stamp
Stambul 65 Stamp

Introduction: Stambul 65 was the first line of cymbals by Paiste made of B8 bronze. It was replaced by the 505 line. There are even some Stambul 65 cymbals with a 505 stamp. At the same time here also was the cheaper and NS12 Stambul line available.

Background: After Paiste introduced their B20 line (the Formula 602) in 1959 they started in 1963 research for a new alloy to be used in the louder rock music. The Stambul 65 was the first line that resulted from this research. Later came the professional Giant Beat and 2002 lines.

Innovation: The first B8 cymbals ever.

Alloy: B8

Quality: This was a midrange line.

Production: 1965 - 1975;

Applications: Allround

Users: Lovers of vintage gear...

Sound: Here is a Paiste Weight Table for all Paiste series.

Information from:

  • PAISTE German Price List (1970)

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