Signature 20" Flanger Ride

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Signature 20" Flanger Ride
Signature 20" Flanger Ride
Signature 20" Flanger Ride (Logo)
Signature 20" Flanger Ride (Logo)
Exotic Percussion 20" Flanger Ride
Exotic Percussion 20" Flanger Ride
Exotic Percussion 20" Flanger Ride (Logo)
Exotic Percussion 20" Flanger Ride (Logo)

Group: Rides

Type: Flanger Ride

Size: 20 Inch

Series: Exotic Percussion / Signature

Weight: 2148g, 2150g, 2151g, 2154 (Exotic Percussion)

Years of production: 2001 - 2005 (Exotic Percussion); 2005 - ? (Signature)

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Sound file: Soundfiles on

Review: The Flanger ride is a dark sounding cymbal with a swirling wash. When played it has a very wobbly edge.

Review by sman

Review: Weighing in at a svelte 2150 grams this Flanger Ride plays like a DARK THIN MELLOW 20" Crash Ride. The edges are easily bendable. And as you can see, it is heavily hammered and is lathed exactly like a Paiste Signature Series.
The bell is small (only 4") and the profile is extremely FLAT, which no doubt contributes to this cymbal's wonderfully LOW PITCH and exceptionally mellooooooooow vibe. This Flanger could pass as a 24"....the pitch is that LOW. And the wash is EXTREMELY DARK! Darker than a Dark sounds like the bastard child of a Signature and a Paiste Traditional Thin Crash. It's cleaner than the Traditionals, but DARKER than the Signatures. If you ride on it, you get a unique, mellow, low pitched chime-like tone-unlike ANY other Paiste I've heard. Overall this cymbal plays like a FULL DARK.
This cymbal sounds a bit like Paiste's version of the Zildjian Crash of Doom. But it is more controlled...less china and more crash/ride.
This is definitely a sleeper cymbal. One of the coolest Paistes I've heard in a while. Which means they probably DID discontinue it. Paiste has a wonderful habit of discontinuing their coolest cymbals.
You can use this Rare Paiste 20" Flanger Ride for whatever the hell you want. Use it anytime you need a dark, low pitched, responsive, semi-clean Signature-ish MELLOW FULL Paiste Crash Ride tone. This is not a main's more of an alternate Crash/Ride/China Cymbal.

Review by hazelshould

Review: The large hammering is from the bottom; there are "peaks" on the top side of the cymbal from each of these impact marks. It is thin on the edges but seems to be heavier as you get closer to the bell. The ride sound varies in different ares; closer to the edge, it's wet and swirling; towards the bell, the "ping" is more pronounced but it still retains a darkish swirl. The bell is great and it is still wet-sounding; playing the bell excites the entire cymbal. The Flanger has an "out-of-control" aspect to it, much like Chinese bronze and it seems to bridge the gap between Asian Bronze and European bronze.
This Flanger would make and excellent suspended orchestral cymbal; with mallets, it is a swirling, dark yet still "Paiste" wash with remarkable sustain. As a crash, it is sublime; it blends well with all of my other Paiste cymbals (how do they do that??). It sounded great with Giant Beats, Sound Creations, Dark Energy ... it has performed beautifully during sessions and live as well.
What a gem.
This one is a keeper.

Review by ivmike

Review: About the Flanger Ride: The one I recently bought was made in 2001, the very same year this model jumped from the Exotics line to the Sig line. (If my memory serves me right, here.) Anyway, my Flanger had the Sig inking on it. Wasn't a stick mark on it.

Even though the Flanger is of a decent weight, this odd and funky piece is still SO loose and bendy. (Not even my Trad Extra Light Ride is this "liquidy" feeling under the hands. I've looked closely and from what I can tell it's only hammered from the underside! A handfull of big ol' ugly hammer dents, that's it. Hammered this way, there's virtually no tension in this cymbal. Very low profile also. Yep, you get the picture now -- it's a dark cymbal. But with a somewhat trashy high end in there too.

(What would a 22" Flanger be like?)

Haven't got the slightest clue with what other cymbals it will fit together, though. Thinking it'll might amalgate with, say, the 22" Trad Med Light Ride or the 22" De mkII and the 22" cluster riveted Twenty Light Ride...

Review written by sjolsson ( member)

Artist/song where it can be heard: Pat Mastelotto

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