Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat

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Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat

Group: Hi-Hats

Type: Dark Crisp Hi-Hat

Size: 13 Inch

Series: Signature

Weight: Top: 729g / Bottom: 1267g

Top: 745g / Bottom: 1246g
Top: 750g / Bottom: 1275g
Top: 753g / Bottom: 1266g (2001 Serial Numbers)
Top: 756g / Bottom: 1251g
Top: 764g / Bottom: 1258g (1991 Serial Numbers)
Top: 764g / Bottom: 1264g (2000 Serial Numbers)
Bottom: 1236g

Years of production: 1989 - Present

Sound file: Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat

Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
Signature 13" Sound Edge Hi-Hat Top over Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Bottom

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Review: The most versatile and sweet sounding hi-hats I've ever played. They will conform to any musical situation they're placed in.
Closed stick sound is CRISP (and I mean CRISP) and articulate, and their feel is very responsive. They will project each hit no matter how fast or light clearly and separate from the preceding and following hits. The sound responds to the smallest change in hit strength or how open they are. Ranging from a soft jazz like touch sound to a crunchy hard hitting alternative metal sound when hit from soft to hard.
Begin to open your foot and the sound brightens and a hint of trashy-ness arises. And they become the perfect rock hats, loud and defined they will cut through the mix while complimenting it perfectly. Open even further and the dark wash comes to the fore front, with every hit unleashing a wave of full, darkish, slightly trashy sweet goodness, so good your ride will begin to gather dust.
The paiste signature 13" dark crisp hi-hats, the musical chaemeleon, changing shape whenever the music does to perfectly suit any genre, and volume, any venue or recording studio (on that note, these hi-hats are up there with the best recording hi0hats out there, I recorded with them last week and even unmastered they produced THE PERFECT HIGH HAT SOUND perfect dark and bright, they're crispy-ness really shone through and was a pleasure to the ear.) These hi-hats are able to set the mood for the song just by how they are played, and no matter how they are played are close to unbeatable in any genre.
One word of warning though: Due to them being so sensitive and so responsive to changes in playing style, it might be hard for less experienced played to maintain a constant sound out of them, I've heard a few people say this.
But with adequate control, they are probably one of the most versatile and out right best sounding hi-hats on the market.
(I hope I've done them even a bit of justice, cause there's no way to describe in words how these hi-hats transcend what we know and believe to be musical instruments.)

Review written by Electrometal

Review: Fast, crisp and barking. Very feisty little hi-hat, great for fast playing and patterns. Very crisp stick sound, accurate chick sound. Rather loud. Sounds a little clingy and clattery played half-open, and not at all suited for all-open playing. Bottom makes and excellent bell cymbal.

Review written by Akahito

Review: They are among my favorite of all hi hats. They excel (in the context of what I do) when played closed, or slightly open. Thei controllable nature suggests that they would be great where you need to be able to keep the volume down, and sonic texture at a high. Though you can get good volume out of them, I don't feel they suit the wide open / heavy wash sound as well as a medium, heavy, or sound edge varities do.

Review written by drumdan

Review: Weighing in at a thin 764 grams for the Top Cymbal and a strong 1258 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these Paistes possess ALL of the CLEAN, crisp tone that catapulted the Signature Series to stardom many years ago. And as the name suggests, these Paistes have darker leanings and a slightly lower pitch than your garden variety Signature 13s". And speaking of 13s", these Sigs have a FAST response and are more controlled and quick than 14" Hihats. Combine that with the Ultra CLEAN tone of a Signature Hihat, and you have some damn fine hats!!

And these are workhorse cymbals. Their crisp, well balanced tone,and fast action and darker leanings make them perfect for rock, definitely pop, funk, fusion, and R&B, killer for reggae, hip-hop, loops, samples, drum and bass, blues, lower volume gigs and definitely studio work.

Review written by Hazelshould

Artist/song where it can be heard: Michael Barsimanto, Charlie Benante, Danny Carey, Stewart Copeland, Al Foster, Joey Jordison, Pat Mastelotto, Chad Wackerman

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